Featuring shortening and oil products from Bunge Oil, Le Saffe Universal, and Hain Celestial. Featuring butter from Challenge Butter.

Shortenings and Oils
Margarine, Bakers
Margarine, Roll-in
Margarine, Puff Paste
Margarine, Butter Flavored
Shortening, All Purpose Shortening, Cake

Shortening, Cake & Icing
Shortening, Cake
Shortening, Liquid Cake Oil, Soya
Oil, Canola
Oil, Corn

Oil, Peanut
Oil, Mineral
NonGMO Pan Spray
Pan Release, Grease
Pan Release, Liquid
Pan Release, Machine
Paramount Crystals 

Sweet Butter
Salted Butter
1+2 Butter Margarine Blend
Margarine, Sweet  Margarine, Salted
Margarine, Clean 

*All shortenings are Non-Hydrogenated